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Free pets, Stolen pets, shelter animals auction animals are just some of the ways research get their victims.

This is a SLOW HORRIBLE death for them.

There is so much on this subject- so many different tests - I am only touching the tip of the iceberg. This is not all that happens at these places and not all the types of research going on.


Please help us!!!

Don't buy products that are made by the companies who use us to test.

Click the link to see who does & who doesn't

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And here is Another - Dog Food Companies

Is you pet eating food that may have caused the suffering and death of another companion animal??


• dogs kept in barren steel cages for up to six years at a time
• dogs gone insane from intense confinement
• dogs with their vocal cords severed and huge chunks of muscle cut from their bodies
• dogs with tubes stuck down their throats


Dog and Cat Foods Manufactured by Menu Foods

Menu Foods manufactures only wet (canned) dog and cat foods.




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