Yadkin County Animal Shelter

The animals (once again) need YOU to write letters for them.

It does not matter what part of the world you are from - they need your support.

Take a look at the attached pictures - They will bring tears to your eyes and make you sick to your stomach.  Each pictures has a brief description about what is in the picture.  All pictures were taken on 1/14/05.

Letters need to be written to our 4 NEW commissioners.  They need to be reminded of the Yadkin County Animal Shelter conditions. You can make reference to giving FRESH/CLEAN water to each animal, you can make sure they give WARM bedding during our freezing conditions, you can tell them to make sure that puppies are euthanized with a needle (NOT the GAS box, that you will see in one of the pictures below, they can be told to buy FOOD BOWLS, and not throw the food onto the ground, etc. 

Pictures can be worth a thousand words................  Please help by writing to the following Yadkin County Commissioners ASAP:

Mrs. Kim Clark Phillips
1139 Knoll Drive
Yadkinville, NC 27055
336- 463-4590

Allen Sneed 2511
Rockford Road
Yadkinville, NC  27055

D.C. Swaim
2553 Swan Creek Road
Jonesville, NC  28642

Brady Wooten
3540 Arnold Road
Hamptonville, NC  27020

County Attorney - James Graham
P.O. Box 625
Yadkinville, NC 27055

County Manager - Cecil Wood
P.O. Box 146
Yadkinville, NC  27055

Please note that I have listed their phone numbers -- IN ADDITION to a letter - please make a phone call with your concerns and what you see in these pictures.   


Every single letter counts.  This has been going on for more than 11 years now.    I am begging you to please write.

They will tell you that we are in the process of building a new shelter -- but that is no excuse for what you will see in these pictures.   Make them understand that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yadkin County animal shelter is affiliated with the Department of Animal Control. Conditions at the shelter are unpleasant and dangerous to the animals. Approximately 53 animals a week are euthanized inhumanely in a box pumped full of gas.

Some pet owners leave their unwanted animals at the shelter thinking that animal control will see that they get adopted out. This is not the case. THEY WILL BE KILLED IF THEY ARE TURNED IN WITHOUT RABIES TAGS. CALL THE YCHS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!


food thrown on ground w- urine and feces - very little water if any - 1-14-05_

note food on ground and dog in back ground

puppies water bowl - food on ground w- feces - water 2 to 3 inches in back corner of dog house - will be in freezing temps tonight - 1-14-05

puppies water source 1-14-05

pups this size-age that will go into gas box and gassed - note feces on left side beside water - dogs are wet and temp to be 32 or below tonight 1-14-05


note water source - maybe an inch of water with scum - food on ground

gas box 1-14-05

drop box - note water and puke behind it

very little water - bucket too tall for pups 1-14-0

water bowl - 1-14-05

puppies - water bowl - food on ground - pups are WET and shaking - water in dog house - no where for warmth - freezing temps expected tonight

food on round - water container - feces and urine on ground with food - 4 puppies in this pen - 1-14-05

this size-age pup will be in gas chamber and gassed to death 1-14-05

see dog's legs with food that has been thrown on ground - note that food is wet (you can tell by the swelling) - it is wet from urine or water

container does have water in the pen; however, very little water. Food has been thrown on ground for dog to eat with urine and feces 1-14-05

water bowl - nasty w- no water or very little - note food on ground

feces on ground with dog food 1-14-05

food thrown on ground w- urine and feces - very little water if any - 1-14-05






































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