Second Chance Animal Rescue


I urge each of you who have not taken the time out of your very busy schedules to please take a look at these pictures of Second Chance Rescue in Inwood, WV. If you have not yet signed the petition, maybe these will change your mind...


West VA. - Looks like Mara is Ready to get hers back & making room for even MORE !!!

See the cosy little dirty blankets laying in the crates like the animals are coming back! Rats still feeding on garbage and dead ones too! And the Kitchen !! What about the office area? And they think this is "Cleaned up"???

Do you all really think she will be stopped? It only took 2 years and how many 100's of animals had to additionally suffer at the hands of this horrid breeder/hoarder so called rescue, Second Chance in Inwood, WV.

To think that any human being is capable of letting any animals or human live in this horrid conditions is sickening.

Sooo... How long do you think it will take for her to fill up again with animals this time?

My opinion is.....This woman needs to be IN JAIL and to be banned from EVER owning any cat or dog. Toss all that Psychiatric evaluation crap out the window and just put her butt in jail.


Look at the pictures below!


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for lots more horrible disgusting pictures!


Then go sign the petition to stop this maniac from starting up again & treating this animals so barbaric!!


Thank you!!



This was home??

for rescued?? dogs!!


This is where the dogs ARE coming back to. Right now they are in Animal Control.

So I guess we will see if Law Prevails or if she is going to get away with this yet AGAIN!

This is the location she moved too after several rescues from across the country stepped up and helped her two years ago.

What I would like to know and I have to ask. If she can pull $25,000.00 out of her pocket to keep her butt from landing in jail. WHY couldn't she provide most adequate living conditions for the dogs she bred. oooops. "rescued" yeah right!

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More Photos (Sorry these photos were removed.)


Now Please go sign the petition

Thank you


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