This recently happened in Pikeville, KY

The information here is from a reliable source.


Names are withheld to protect the innocent.

I went into hell on Saturday and now I want each of you to know just how
bad it really is. Please just for today, do not complain to me about
emails. Just read and then help.

I drove 5 hours one way on Saturday to pull a little girl from Pike County
animal Shelter. (Pikeville, KY) the horror that overwhelmed me when I went
into that hole was to much for even my heart to handle. I have seen some
bad places before but this is beyond that.

I stopped to get gas on this Saturday at around 10am and wanted to make
sure that I was really in the town of Pikeville, KY. As I paid for my gas
I spoke with the cashier and she wanted to know if I was dropping off
another animal at "that " place. My answer "no" I am pulling a dog to take
to her forever home. Her next words stopped me in my tracks. "Would you
take my dogs also?" I guess she saw the dumbfounded look on my face when
she said this, as she went on to explain about this hell. Animals are used
for target practice all to often by the very well known hunters in this
place. She was in fear for her own dogs that she could not afford to take
care of and she was in fear that they would either be used as target
practice or end up in Pike shelter. Each of you can imagine what my answer
was. I stopped back at the gas station on my way out and got the baby that
is 8 weeks and took her home with me. The mother could not be found.
Imagine that!!! This is just a small explanation for what was to come.

As we pulled away from the gas station I was already wondering just how
bad it really was. I should have known since I also grabbed a newspaper
while getting gas and on the front cover was a story about animal breeding
and abuse by a judge in that county. There was a picture of bones that
belong to a dog that was starved to death this judge. The animals were
taken and most placed in the shelter. Which are now either died or getting
ready to be put to death. The judge received 2 years probation for his

I finally made it to the shelter. That was when I just become horrified
for the fur babies in this hole. There are 12 runs. All of the runs had so
many in them that the dogs were attacking one another. There were 10
puppies in one area and again 10 puppies in another and yet again 10
puppies in another area. Just so you know all of them are now died. They
were PTS this morning, along with 40 other dogs in the shelter. But then
that is what happens when 20 to 30 more are dropped off over the weekend.

So now I will just give you facts and send out a plea to each of you. HELP
all that you can get these animals out of there.

Fact: 300 to 400 dogs are PTS every month
Fact: 300 to 500 cats are PTS every month
Fact: animals that were spay/neutered were left in the animal control
officers truck over the weekend with food and water. They are now dead.
Fact: Former shelter director was giving away beagles to hunters.
Fact: Former shelter director was giving away pure breeds to breeders.
Fact: dogs are torn apart by one another in each run
Fact: animals never see sunlight in one area of this shelter. The kill
room. I saw this with my own eyes!!!!
Fact: Any dog/cat that is sponsored by a rescue that is not picked up in 2
to 3 weeks is still PTS.
Fact: The kill room has a table that is in the middle so that each animal
in the room can watch as each animal is murdered.
Fact: The Mayors son (20 years old) is now the director of the shelter. Be
very polite when you speak with him or the animals will suffer.
Fact: The pull fee which you pay for the animal is not put back into the
shelter, but used for upkeep on the counties vehicles.
Fact: Animals that are PTS are then dumped into the land fill and then the
land fill is covered after the hole is full.
Fact: Former director was stealing the contributions and was never brought
to trial.


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