Passic Pound, NJ

This place has to be stopped from the abuse

This is horrible and inhumane.



Marilyn the ACO.. was putting the cats down.. 1st day in.

The cats and dogs were all in the same room.. and the pits had killed some cats.

The place had not been inspected in a very long time.

Marilyn does not promote adoptions.. and she also does not call back anyone who may be interested in  a dog or a cat.

So there were many violations when the state came in.. and they are now under rennovation for the past 6 months... doing one nail at a time.. per day.

REASON for this..

To delay the opening of the facility and not having to deal with the state any more.

In the meantime. the cats.. are at the Public works garage.. in the town of Passaic.

If you thought their adoptions were poor before.. you should see them now. who in the world is going to go the to the public works garage to adopt a cat.... and the dogs are being housed at a vet. office in Rutherford.

All surrenderes are to be euthanized upon arrival.. so the town does not have to pay the fee of $7.00 per day.

Ramapo bergen county animal shelter is providing a helping hand.. but cannot keep up the pace.

PLEASE call & protest Passaic mayor/s office;
973- 365- 5510
Passaic ACO: 973 365 5669

This Cruelty!!!!!!

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