Mercer CO Pound

Celina OH

They lose their dogs to fights & then the ones wounded & already in pain lay. Finally if not rescued - they are thrown into a gas chamber to suffer more horribly!!!!!!

The Mercer County Pound is located at 7009 State Route 49, on the Ohio Indiana line. There are no adoption hours available so prospective rescues/families must contact the dog warden, Tom Powell, at

(419) 942-1550.


In Memory of Booker & Dougie


August 22, 06. During the night a dog was attacked and killed in a vicious dog fight at the Mercer County Pound. EVERY DOG THAT WAS EUTHANIZED THE NEXT DAY HAD HORRIBLE WOUNDS FROM THE FIGHT!!!

In Memory Of


small mixed breed dog

Attacked and Killed

at the Mercer County Pound

on August 22, 2006


Another one attacked


12 to 14 months old

60 lbs.

Labrador Retriever

Dougie is a stray picked up by the dog warden. Dougie was rescued after being attacked very seriously in the Mercer County Pound. As of today (8/22/06) we are still unsure if he will survive the attacks. We are BEGGING for donations to help this very sweet and loving boy.

Through it all, Dougie has been a darling boy. The vets and staff love this handsome boy and all are doing everything in their power to ensure he pulls through. As of today (8/26/06) his chance of survival is still uncertain. Dougie has a MASSIVE infection from the numerous wounds and is feeling very poorly, he is not eating much and is on IV fluids. On top of that, he also has Giardia, an intestinal organism that is very difficult to treat, it causes inflammation of the bowels, diarrhea, dysentery and weight loss. He has other internal parasites and that is sapping any strength he may have.



Dougie's pictures


Warning Graphic

His wounds



These dogs were also hurt in fights



In the United States, Ohio ranks in the bottom 10 as far as animal welfare and abuse, meaning we are one of the worst! Mercer County has very little concern for homeless animals, the feeling among many is that dogs and cats are disposable, just like a piece of trash


Mercer Co. Commissioners

220 W. Livingston St.

Room A201

Celina, OH 45822

(419) 586-3178

This Has To STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It is my understanding - this shelter has changed I hope so

I have gotten information that they have changed alot but to what extend I don't know but will update with info I recieve from reliable sources


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