This recently happened in Louisiana

The information here is from a reliable source.


Names are withheld to protect the innocent.

Saturday my friend and I made a 6 hour trip to pick up a kitten from a rescue organization in Central Louisiana. Everything went well and I came home with two cats instead of one. That is no problem, I have the room and time.

What the lady told me was unreal. Because this center is under staffed and under funded, they do not care about the pets. Yet they call them selves a Humane Society.

The girl told me they were trying to pull as many dogs and cats and place in foster homes since the shelter itself abused the animals. IT GETS WORST.

When we were in the kennel area, they had a 8 week old Red Heeler barking and barking. A worker took a broom and slammed it on the cage telling it to shut up. Then, not that the dog understood, he told it "Your ass is going to burn on Monday". The puppy just barked and wagged his tail. I asked the woman about that remark and she said :In order to save money, sometimes they do not use the gas and put them directly into the furnance" They burn them alive.

She also said instead of giving the shot into the vein they do it in the heart which is painful but quicker. She told other horror stories but I think at that point (friend) and I were in shock.

To think this goes on at a Humane Society is beyond me. The girl did not work there she was only a rescue group that pulled dogs and cats to place them in foster and save their lives. She had pulled an 8 yr. old Collie and a pure bred Huskey from there on Saturday who was going to "Roast" on Monday.

The so called shelter is the City of Alexandria Animal Shelter. The Humane Society of Central Lousiana, is suppose to be a no kill shelter, who works on its own, apart from the other. But, that is where it gets confusing. They claim they have no building, yet I went there. They claim not to be affilated with the Alex shelter, yet, the lady told me that inmates care for the pets. I heard the same from the Alex shelter. The lady also told me how the put the animals down, but said it so calmly like it was no big deal.

From what I have gathered, the first shelter I went to is where the actual killing and abuse is. After getting lost and going through the woods and back streets I came to the second shelter which was unmarked and did not look like anything but a metal building. But they had animals there and caged also, yet they say they have no shelter. Something is not right.

What I saw and heard at the first shelter was in Alex. What I heard again at the second shelter was exactly what I heard at the first one. Are they linked? Is this an overflow holding area? I have no idea

Note: There seems to be a mix up of shelters here.

Apparently this is not the Alexandria shelter. But another one there. The address on the main page is not the address of the Alexandria shelter.

When I get the truth as to what shelter it is & what is going on I will update this.

I do know the information did come from a reliable rescuer.

But like she said she was confused as to what shelter it really was affliated with.


Webmaster Note:

Apparently The Humane Society of Central Lousiana is not affilated with this shelter. They claim they have no shelter and that the animals they have are fostered. The shelter in question is in Alexandria and a shelter all its own and not connected to the humane society.


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