Johnston County - NC

A Plea from a baby in Johnston County Pet Adoption Center who was gassed Thursday 06/16/05



Please save me from the GAS CHAMBER

I will die in the GAS CHAMBER in Johnston County, NC


My name is "Lost Soul" and I'm a stray mutt mix who was found by an animal control officer when I was trying to find food in somebody's garbage can.

I'm starving, skinny and scared. I'm 3 years old, and my whole life was spent chained to a tree. My owner moved and just let me run free. I'm not that beautiful. I'm a black lab mix like most of the other "prisoners" at the shelter.

Most people will pass me by because of my emaciated body and skin problems.

I know it's time for me to go to heaven and I accept this.

I just wish I could die a peaceful death with a shot.

But no, I will die in the GAS CHAMBER in Johnston County, NC.

I will be put in a box with many other dogs and locked in.

I will be scared and start to cry.

I hope none of the other dogs get mad and start to attack me which is very common in this situation.

I will start to breathe in the gas and I will feel my eyes and mouth burn and I will start howling.

I will take my little nose and put it to the bottom of the grate to try to catch some fresh air.

This isn't working, Oh God, Please Help, I can't breathe!

I'm vomiting, dizzy and starting to black out and convulse.

I hear the other "lost souls" scream and some blood is splattered on me because I'm pawing to get out.. and I cut the pads on my paws off. Oh My God this hurts and I'm so scared!

I'm wondering why I have to die this way??

All I ever wanted was a family to love and warm lap to sit on!!

Why do convicted murderers on death row get a shot, but I have to die in a


I wish I could die with a shot, with a vet holding me and rubbing my ear telling me everything will be okay. I would die with some dignity and not defecate or urinate on myself.

I better give in to the gas and go to heaven now, for if I don't die, they will put me in the gas chamber and do it again.

I can't wait to get to heaven and have all the angels rub my belly and give me kisses.

In the meantime, please call Rick Hester the County Manager in Johnston County

at 919-989-5100 and beg him not to let any other innocent strays die this way.

Rick.Hester@JohnstonNC.COM is his Email address if you want to write him

You can also call or email the county commissioners if you want.

If you don't want to call them, please call the news or newspapers and tell them that you don't want your tax money used for the GAS CHAMBER.

Thank you for hearing my story and the next time you see a stray in Johnston County, please say a prayer for them, for if they don't get adopted, they will die in the GAS CHAMBER like me. Please rescue a dog or cat before they are gassed. Johnston County POUND 1320 North Brightleaf Blvd Smithfield, NC


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