Cherokee County Animal Shelter

Gaffney, SC


Look at this face!!!

Bewildered- alone- Why am I here?

He had a rescue- Look what happened!!


Klink WAS a senior male German Shepherd in a high kill shelter in Gaffney, SC.

I say was because he was needlessly put to sleep yesterday. Klink was let down by the people who originally owned him. He was no longer a puppy and maybe unable to breed anymore or he was no longer as cute as he had once been. He was ultimately either neglected by his family and allowed to become a stray or dropped off at the shelter by the very people whom had been entrusted to his care. Either way those people initially let him down. Then our society let him down. It is so easy for some of us to say I can't do anything or I don't have time to help or I'd rather not think about dogs like Klink. Finally, the county system in which some of you are taxpayers let him down.

Even though we had found a loving home to care for him, Klink, along with others, was needlessly put to sleep. No reason given, no lack of space, no aggression issues, nothing.

Not only was he put to sleep but he was put to sleep in a cruel manner. The animal control officers at this shelter will sometimes use what they consider to be a more humane effort to kill these animals. They shoot them, right there in the kennel in which they stand. Klink was shot because when they began to shoot some of the other dogs he became upset. He's, a dog, he became upset!

Why aren't we as human beings more upset? The only way to stop this problem is to start at the root of it! We have to alert our congressman, our county officials, our legislatures, ANYONE THAT WILL LISTEN that this is going on and that WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT! We as a rescue also need your help because this problem is not going away quickly. We desperately need foster homes lined up so that when these dogs become available we can immediately pull them and save them the horrors of these type deaths.


The look on his face is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

A senior- dumped by his owner- then shoot for no reason!!!

Humane??????????? I don't think so!!!!

In Memory of Klink


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