Free to a Good Home

Sound Familiar???

(Found in Newspaper ads)



Advertising your pet in this manner

Could be torture and even worst a horrible death.



1. Badgers- these are people who go out and look for dogs to sell to a dealer for research. They bring their children and said they are for them. They will do anything to get that dog. Then Sell it to a dealer who in turn sells to research. This is horrible for these animals. Painful & Horrible Torture til death.

2. Dog Fights- They use free cats & dogs for bait to teach their pitts to fight. They are literally torn apart & then thrown in a dumpster.

3. Cults- Used in various cults. Tortured & who knows what else.

4. Purebreds- Puppymills. See what a puppymill is in the links below.

5. Also it may not have a good home. It could be an outside dog. Chained for life- often without shelter & food & water.



Here are some pictures. They may be graphic!!!!!!!!!


Is this what you want for you animal?

Fine you need to get rid of it but below are some guidelines to protect it from the above photos.

1. Ask for a fee of at least $25.00 to be refunded in 6 months when you are sure they still have the pet & in a safe environment.

2. Get their license # & phone #.

3. Deliver the pet. Don't let them take it. This way you know where they live & have a better idea where it is going.

4.Ask questions. Do they have a fenced yard? Why do they want it? Other pets? Vet reference?

5. Remember - free pets go fast! It's not like you are not going to find it a home. and if not there is always the shelter or rescue. But be sure it's a no kill .



Please give you pet a chance at a good life if you have to part with it.

It loves you unconditionally- give it a decent home.


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