Franklin County Animal Control

North Carolina


The Franklin County Animal Control Facility is located at the county landfill in Louisburg. It takes in approximately 350 pets each month and only places 5-10. There are minimal facilities for cats. .

The Franklin County Humane Society is trying to make changes at the shelter, but needs your help. Volunteers are needed to visit the shelter to take photos, distribute info about low cost spays and neuters in the county, transport pets to Raleigh for spays and neuters and to help brainstorm with current volunteers about ways to help the animals.

This is a picture of a pregnant momma in the process of giving birth

See what happened to her below!!!!!!

This poor baby didn't have a chance. Owner surrendered.

A pregnant Momma who was thrown in the gas chamber to die!

This is one of the oldest chambers there are. Many puppies do not die the first time around and therefore are put in again to go through the horrible effects of that chamber.

IN SPITE OF SEVERAL RESCUE OFFERS PENDING, THIS  PREGNANT DOG  - and her pups - WERE KILLED BY CO GAS over the weekend.   How does an ACO determine wether the unborn pups were dead? Is it even LEGAL to use gas in a dog close to delivering viable pups?

This was inhumane treatment

Read her story of what she would have said.

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