Videos of Horror

Warning These are NOT pretty

Very graphic!!


Every animal is a living breathing creature who feel pain, and fear. Some of the Lucky Ones also get to feel love and compassion.

They creatures are the property of God Almighty. They were not put here to be tormented, tortured, and abused.

But there are thousands who are going though this every day in one way or another.

Below are videos of some of the things these living breathing animals endure. I cannot even imagine the horror they are feeling. It is beyond my grasp.

Please help us stop this horror .

If you have a pet- please spay or neuter them.

Write letters to your congressmen to end the cruelity

Educate others as to what is happening.

Remember they feel pain the same as you & I and some never get to know the kind hand of a human.





Puppy Mill & Strays











This one just about says it all


This happens every day somewhere.

Please help stop the torture - their horror.


Write your representatives to pass laws.

We are their voice- the only voice they have!

Remember they have feelings just like you.

How would you feel if this were happening to you?????????????



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