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Permission to CROSS POST!!!!! This is sick!!!

It made the WOWK Channel 13 News today at noon. Apparently a man living in St. Albans, WV, eviscerated a ten-year-old Chi to spite the owner. Not clear yet if it was due to him being dumped froma relationship or what but I do know he is in the Southcentral regial Jail on $20,000 bond and facing serious cruelty charges for this crime. He cut the beating heart from this poor little dog and removed other organs before the dog died. This man is a monster!!!!

I will look for more updates and post them as I find them. If anyone should find out more, please forward this to me.


The man was upset at his girlfriend so he stabbed her 10 yr Chihuaha multiple times, ripped out it heart and then disemboweled the poor creature. The deputy called to the scene, collected the chi, took it to the vet where autopsy proved the chi was alive during the torture. WV has charged him with felony animal abuse with possible penalty of 1 yr imprisonment and/or $5,000 fine.


A little white 7 pound senior Chihuahua mix girl was
thrown in a garbage bag and then tossed into a dumpster in Bridgeport, CT the beginning of this year.
She was so sick that she had to be euthanized.
We would like justice for Mitzey and for her owner to be found.
She was so full of tumors she cried out because her body would not let her waste out.
What kind of world is this when this behavior is acceptable.
Please help us spread the word and help us find the owners who instead of giving her a peaceful send off to heaven put her in the garbage to die an agonizing death alone.
When the owners are found we want them to be accountable for abandoning their dog in the final stage of her life and prosecuted for the animal cruelty Mitzey had to endure.






Friday, January 14, 2005 10:19 PM

Although during my many years of rescue I have seen many horrific abuse/neglect cases, it saddens me to say I have been shocked once again at the level of cruelty some humans are capable of...

Apparently, a neighbor of our volunteer had witnessed a car pull up and throw this sweet creature out on the street. She had a rope around her neck and was clearly traumatized. Upon further inspection, it was discovered the rope had grown into her neck. Worse, someone - probably not a vet - had attempted to cut it out, but did not stitch it properly, so the condition is pretty bad. We rushed her immediately to our vet where the staff fell in love with her immediately. Despite the fact that she has suffered cruelty at the hands of humans, she is the most loving, trusting little girl and clearly a very forgiving soul.

Although Forte Animal Rescue has suffered several financial setbacks as of late due to some costly surgeries, we could not turn our backs on this sweetheart. We are in desperate need of donations to help pay for her medical care and are asking for help from the community. Please help us help this angel...

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and 100% of donations goes right back to the animals. This is an addition to our ongoing boarding and other medical costs, so ANY amount you can grant us would be absolutely appreciated.
Please send your kind donation as follows if you may, and we will follow up with your tax contribution receipt:

Forte Animal Rescue
13428 Maxella Ave., PMB-332
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
[Please write "The Frieda Fund" in the memo line.]


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