A true story of how someone abused an animal

But this one has a Happy Ending!!!





Sweet and Sensitive.
Likes to cuddle and give kisses.
Very, Very Gentle.
About 3 years old.


On December 26th, I received a call from
Sergeant Todd Curtis
with the
Perkins Township Police Department
(located in Sandusky, Ohio, Erie County).

He said that he had responded to a call
concerning a dog
that had been hit on the highway.
The dog was lying on the side of the road when he arrived.

I was confused why Sergeant Curtis had called
S.P.A. as we are a small, grassroot organization
located in another county
about 35 miles away from Sandusky, Ohio.

I asked Srg. Curtis if there were any local animal rescues
who would be willing to help this dog,
and he said he had made several calls
to local rescues and
no one was willing to help her.

He said he had a real fondness for dogs
and that this girl seemed to be in pretty bad shape.
He wasn't sure she was going to make it, he said.

I did indeed hesitate for a few seconds,
as we had just taken little Bell the Chihuahua
(also rescued from Sandusky, Ohio)
to Ohio State University to repair her broken leg
and her bill there totaled well over $1,300,
not to mention after care and boarding.

I needed to make a decision quickly
as this poor dog must be in tremendous pain, I thought.
Officer Curtis had made several calls
and all the while she was in severe pain.

Two SPA members immediately rushed to pick her up
while I placed an emergency call to our vet.
He met us there, and it was determined
that "Olivia" had severe breaks in her upper left leg
and a cracked sternum (in the shape of a lightning bolt).
She had been hit head on.

Dr. Reineck made a call
to Ohio State University
in Columbus, Ohio
to request that Olivia
be admitted as soon as possible.

There was no time to raise funds.
We simply could not allow her
to remain in the tremendous pain
she was in until we were able
to raise the money needed for surgery.

They repaired her leg with pins and plates,
and said that the crack in her sternum
will have to heal on its own.

The doctors at OSU were very surprised
that she took such a hard hit to the chest
without receiving internal injuries.

This sweet dog, who we have named Olivia,
is one of the most gentle, loving dogs
we have ever rescued.

She must have recently given birth.
Hard telling what happened to her puppies.

We are in real need of donations to
help us cover the cost of this surgery!
Please feel free to verify
all facts regarding this surgery with
Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital at:
Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Total cost at OSU thus far:



Well Sergeant Curtis,
the officer who found her there
along the road suffering,
and his wife and two children
have decided to adopt this sweet girl!

They all came to see Olivia at the vet's office today.

Officer Curtis and his wife are on the left,
and Dale and Char, the two SPA members
who drove to Sandusky to pick Olivia up
and who then took her to OSU are on the right.

Srg. Curtis said he just can't quit thinking about her, and that once his wife
saw Olivia's picture, it took her all of 3 minutes to say, "We need to adopt this sweet dog."

And there is more!!!

The Sandusky Register (Sandusky Ohio's main newspaper) did a really nice
story about Olivia and her color photo was on the front page of their paper.

Someone recognized her as their neighbor's dog and called and told me the
entire story, and that is just this beginning.

The day before (yesterday), the Sandusky Register
printed a short article about the dog warden finding
6 puppies taped shut in a box and placed
along State Route 250, a very busy road.

When the woman who called me saw Olivia's picture, she also remembered
seeing the article about the pups taped in a box and discarded and immediately
went to the pound to identify the pups. She said she realized that Olivia
(her neighbor's dog who was kept in the garage and allowed to run the
neighborhood) and all of her 6 puppies had suddenly disappeared.

We could tell Olivia had recently given birth. The puppies are about 6
weeks old.

So what does this mean? This means that this couple's neighbor, a
single mother, taped up Olivia's six 6 week old puppies in a box and
placed them along a really busy highway.

I told her that S.P.A. has a special fund that was begun 4 years ago when
someone locally taped their pregnant beagles back legs together to try to
kill the pups inside of her. We started a REWARD fund to to award to
anyone who could turn in the guilty party, and people soon donated over
$1,000. The woman who knew who did it was afraid to testify, so no one
was prosecuted. We offer this money to anyone offering information leading
to the arrest and conviction of an animal abuser. They must be willing to

Well, the wonderful folks who called me today ARE WILLING. The dog
warden is aware of this and

This doesn't happen nearly often enough in these parts. Although $1,000
is one heck of a lot for us to give to this special couple who are willing to
testify, it is money that was earmarked for this purpose to encourage
people to get involved and to help stop at least some of the horrible
atrocities done to the animal in this area. Horrible things that people
get away with. This will send a clear message to others that animal
abuse will not be tolerated!

Good Good news, wouldn't you say?

Here is a shot of Srg. Curtis with Olivia.


3 of Olivia's puppies were adopted out from the pound.
The other 3 were still at the pound late this afternoon.



Lea Bullion, Sandusky, Ohio
Found Guilty of
6 Counts of Animal Abuse
6 Counts of Abandonment!!!

If you can help even in a small way- Please contact:

Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital at:

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